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Once you agree to the terms and conditions, we make sure you are protected and safe to book online. In case of any circumstances you wish to cancel reservation, we assure to give full refund without any questions. You can benefit from 24 hours customer service when you book online from top rated providers. Once signed and registered with an active account, you will be receiving emails of new promotions available from all providers including Thrifty, Dollar, Shift, Budget , Emirates Transport, Fast and Sayara rent a car.

The system will keep on updating customers with information about latest models, special offers during the month of festivals and special holidays. We partner with suppliers who are genuine and know value of customers and willing to provide customers their best. Our agents help and search for cars that are best in quality and have good reviews.

We know how valuable time is for all busy people out there. We try our best to design our search engine in the most convenient way possible. We have been attracting both local and international customers for our par excellence customers service which is reflected in 5-star reviews that we get from customers.

The percentage of local customers that are expats is higher than the percentage of international customers. The use of search engine from all over the world has helped the growth of all car rentals in the UAE. So why wait? Start using Rental Cars UAE search engine and you are just a few clicks away in reserving the best quality car with a price that you could not have imagined!

We guarantee to minimize all your tensions and serve you the best when it comes to renting a car!! Is the word crossover new to you? Are you wondering what exactly this could be? Crossovers are vehicles that are a mixture of the midsize Sedans and an SUV. The Sports Utility Cars have been quite popular among families for which these cars were called the go-to family vehicle. But over the years, the rising demand of individuals on the technological improvements and interior space of cars have led to a little fall in the demand of these cars in particular.

Crossovers have been increasing in demand due to the improved overall package the car has to offer, in terms of performance, stability, design, its features and characteristics and many more. These cars are giving an overall package of comfort and reliability to people hiring or purchasing one. Well, this group of cars are a heavy car because of the full frame on which the body is fitted, whereas the design now has changed to uni body, meaning that the car has no extra frame and it is lighter with more space and features.

Now why are people shifting to crossover rental? Is it only because it is lighter than the strongly built ones? Not of course. There are a number of reasons why people are changing their preferences. The first reason is that they are very much similar to the strongly built jeeps they used to drive before but now people are getting the new one at a very reasonable price. The Rental costs of these lightly built jeeps are the lowest in markets.

Even though they might look smaller in size than an SUV when looking at the exterior design, but manufactures of these cars have actually made more cabin space and a larger interior space. This car can accommodate more passengers without having to compromise comfort.

Because of their performance and stability, the demands are set too high at the competitive rental markets. There has been an increase in the price of gas lately in the city of Dubai. And ever since people were facing trouble in saving money, they found that their costs were increasing. People also realized that they are getting even bigger cargo space from it and thus are ready to make few sacrifices from the advantage of having greater features from the mid sized cars.

A Crossover Utility Vehicle is a complete package car that contributes in becoming cost effective and also being fuel-efficient. An example is the Hyundai Creta. This car is a complete four-wheel car that runs a greater mileage per gallon of fuel consumed. Being one of the best mileage cars available at car rentals, this car is worth all the money spent.

The reason of having a lower price of these cars is mainly because of lower manufacturing cost. Manufacturing a body-on-frame car is more expensive than cars with uni bodies. The low manufacturing costs make the hiring price low for customers to shift their choices to buying a crossover. Since it has been seen that the demand of renting a smaller utility vehicle has been increasing over the years, car rentals have kept its prices low as their marketing strategy to make customers come for more.

The price structure of these cars give customers to set a reasonable budget of their own in this competitive market of cars. The prices have not only fall within their budget, but they are also getting the best quality service and comfort from driving them. There are many innovative features designed to make families go on a trip with having full comfort. These innovative features include fold down seats for passenger to easily get to the back of the third row.

There are also tech toys attached to the back of the front seats to keep your children busy in long tours. The cabin space is enormous for you to load luggage or suitcases. If you do not want to load cargo but instead wish to accommodate more passengers, then you can take the advantage of folding up the third row seats.


This car is also easy to park and takes less space. It surely comes in an overall package that not only fulfills your requirements but also guarantee to make your experience of driving fun and a memorable one. Are you planning for a road trip with your entire family? Are you worried about the cramped seats? Do you need a large cargo space to load your bags? Then the right choice for you to hire would be a Crossover Utility Vehicle.

These vehicles are the most fuel-efficient vehicles available for your long trip. Hiring this car will guarantee to give you and your family a comfortable and smooth ride wherever you are headed to. Go to the nearest rent a car company and get best ride of your life. There are several factors to consider before making a final decision about car rental company to reserve or lease a car. Any auto rental company that offers lowest price tends to be attractive for customers looking for deals and discounts.

We certainly want freedom and hit magnificent roads of Dubai to explore unlimited places that city has to offer. At Rental Cars UAE, you are indeed at the right place to get economy car that will satisfy demand with value for money. We offer number of cars on daily, weekly and monthly if you are planning short or long vacations. We have a vast range of cars of different categories. It could be a nice convertible to take your special one on a drive or a used truck for industrial purposes.

The main reason why we customize packages is because we know importance of people on a budget. There are offers with special discounts and promotions every month. We also include free delivery and maintenance of the vehicle to ensure best customer support. Our team makes sure that clients suffer no difficulties in case of any sudden accident or damages. We provide complete protection by giving full insurance coverage with collision damage waiver. This is one of the greatest benefits one can receive by hiring a car from us. Our providers have low fuel consumption cars in stock that will serve clients in ways of being cost effective and fuel-efficient.

This helps to save money on long tours with family or friends. There is no need to stop at every fuel station to refill tank during long trips. The option of making payments monthly makes it convenient for tourists and locals to hire. It is a fact that paying monthly for a leased car is cheaper than buying on installments. We accept all form of payments including online, cash, both Debit and Credit card. Making payments through cards is convenient for clients, especially for those coming to Dubai for vacations.

The paper work involved for hiring a car is far less than any car rental company in Dubai. All we need is copy of driving license and a copy of passport. Our locations across the UAE give flexibility to people living in different Emirates to pick and drop off at different locations. If you are on the go, you can just enter our outlet and get a car to hit the road within minutes.

Our unique services and hospitality makes every customer loyal to us. We make sure that customers receive the same car that they ask for and moreover ensure that they are provided with best quality cars. Rental Cars UAE keeps on coming with new surprises for all our customers every year and promises to serve for customer satisfaction. Do you know that renting a car in Dubai is the best and most affordable way of moving around the city? Either you are visiting Dubai for business or for a vacation, whether you are visiting personally or with your entire family, you definitely need a vehicle to aid your mobility.

There are several ways to go about your business or vacation around the city of Dubai, such as using public transports, Dubai Metro, renting a car. Each of these options has its pros and cons. However, renting a car in Dubai is relatively the best option by cutting down your mobility cost, especially if you would be making multiple movements around Dubai or if you would be moving around with a large group of people. Also, it helps you to save time to enjoy and enough space to carry your belongings. More so, it adds to your class and personality, especially if you are in Dubai for business.

There are lots of car hire companies in Dubai. Right from the time you land at the airport, you can rent your favourite car from Rental Cars UAE at Dubai Airport Terminal 3 to enjoy your vacation or business trip without stretching your budget. However, there are some important things to remember while renting a car in Dubai for the first time.

Make sure that you rent your car long before you arrive at Dubai Airport. You can book your favourite car online through the website. This will help you to get more information, save yourself from unnecessary headaches, make a better choice from a variety of vehicles, enjoy any available offer, and save money because of huge discounts offered online.

Renting a car at the airport increases your chances of standing in long queues before being attended to. You may even end up paying higher prices or not getting an appropriate car that suits your need. You can visit our website to book your favourite car for your journey. While booking your car at Rental Cars UAE, ensure that you check the available cars and choose which best suits your need.

There are lots of car hire companies in Dubai and everyone professes to offer the best services. However, you never can tell which of these companies is authentic and reliable and which is not. Therefore, never be in a hurry to seal a rental deal. Carry out proper research on these companies. Compare the products, pricing, and services or about 3 to 4 of them to know the best. More so, find out whether the car hire company is offering discounts or price reductions for repeated customers.

Also, find out if there are hidden charges or any other fees that you may be required to pay. Most car hire companies do not include these costs in their advertised price. However, Rental Cars UAE operates a very transparent car renting service, what you see is what you get. According to the Dubai car hire policies, people under the age of 25 years are not allowed to rent a car in Dubai.

This is against the law. Though, some car hire company may demand that you may additional fee if you are below 25 years but want to rent a car. Before you rent a car make sure that you have gotten all the necessary documents ready. Make sure that all the names on these documents match. After renting your desired car, make sure that you properly check the car before you take it away from the car hire company or before you receive it from the car representative if you get a free delivery at your door.

Carefully check the interior and exterior of the car for scratches, stains, dents, or any other damages or defect. If possible, use your camera to take pictures or video clips of any defect or take a clip of the car in general. Notify the representative of noticed default immediately. Recheck the interiors and exterior carefully for any new defect or damage. Retake snapshots of the vehicle before returning it.

Also, make sure that you do not forget any of your personal belongings behind in the car. If you hired the car with a filled-up fuel tank, make sure that you refill the fuel tank before you return the car. This saves you from unnecessary charges. Listed above are some simple but important things to remember while renting a car in Dubai. Though, they may look like a daunting task, knowing and doing them before renting a car in Dubai will surely save you a whole lot of unpleasant issues and keep you from the troubles involved with renting a car in Dubai.

For more information on renting the best and affordable car in Dubai as well as on other simple but important things to remember while renting a car in Dubai, you can contact Rental Cars UAE — one of the top car rental companies in Dubai. Dubai is a beautiful place that is always evolving. Aside from its attractive structures, Dubai is also one of the leading business hubs in the UAE and the world at large. It receives the entry of business entrepreneurs daily.

For you to enjoy your stay, it is advisable that you rent a car instead of boarding public transport or a taxi. You can achieve this by getting the cheapest car rental deal from top hotels. Most people consider taking a taxi to be cheaper than hiring. However, you may eventually end up denting your travel budget. Also, most Middle East transport drivers are a bit more aggressive and are not always reliable. So, hiring a personal car saves you from unnecessary issues with public transporters, which may affect your personality. More so, public transport does not cover every area in Dubai.

Therefore, renting your personal car enables you to easily visit almost everywhere. In case, you are still wondering why hiring a personal car is so important, here are a few reasons why getting the cheapest car rental deal makes more sense. If you are coming for the first time, you would be unfamiliar with transport route of the city; there are chances that you might have accidents on the road while you drive.

In such case where you have an accident with a hired car, the rent a car company would bear the problem of insurance claims or police reports as long as you have all the necessary insurance and legal documents. This saves you a whole lot of headache. If you are a visitor, you are not permitted to drive your personal vehicle. You are only allowed to drive hired cars with the necessary license and an insurance cover. Most car hire companies in Dubai have several luxury cars in stock for hire; if you prefer driving around in high-class luxury cars, then hiring a car in Dubai is your best option.

Due to the increasing number of car rental companies, there are many seemingly convenient options available to you to get the cheapest deals. But before choosing any of these options, it is important to know if these options are indeed convenient as they profess and to understand some basic rules and restrictions that govern driving. For instance, use of seat belt is a must and mobile phones must be used only with hands-free devices.

More so, drivers stay on left side of the road and Salik card is required for paying tolls. However, once you have obtained the UAE residence visa, you can no longer drive within Dubai. Like stated above, there are lots of car hire companies available in Dubai; where some offer international services, others are smaller and offer local services. To get the cheapest car rental deals, it is advisable that you patronize the international car hire companies as they are more professional and offer better services.

You can also do the following to get the cheapest car rental deals. Take your time to carefully compare a few car hire services available to you — maybe 3 or 4 — before you eventually settle down for one. This will enable you to compare prices, fees, and the services that each renders. After this, you can then choose the car hire company with the best available services at an affordable rate. This is best done online or when planning your journey and not after you have landed at the airport. Sometimes, car hire services offer special deals to customers.

Before renting a car, ask to find out if any discount or deal is available to enjoy. Also,car hire companies may decide to offer cheap and highly discounted weekend rentals. Taking advantage of this will help you to save some money. Before you finally hire a car, interrogate the representatives of the car hire company about the price, tax, fees involved, and any other inclusions.

This is important as there may be some hidden charges that may not be clearly stated until when you are making the final payment. The advertised price may eventually be lower than what you would have to pay. Therefore, always ask questions relating to the final payment you would make so that you do not exceed your budget.

Discover locations in UAE - Dubai

You must understand how to get a good deal at discounted price. For more information in regard to the best and affordable car rental service in Dubai, you can contact Rental Cars UAE — one of the top car rental companies in Dubai. There are nice residential places in Dubai that meet and exceed the expectations of any potential resident when considering normal parameters for selecting a place to live in. Jumeirah is a trendy coastal residential area in Dubai with low rise private estates and hotel premises. A very famous tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates, Jumeirah is mostly inhabited by expatriates who work in Dubai.

When looking for a place to live in along the sandy beaches, you should consider Jumeirah as the first choice since it offers everything you can look for in the luxurious desert city. Palm Jumeirah is one the most dazzling artificial palm islands of the United Arab Emirates which makes Jumeirah the best place to live in. It boasts of many luxury hotels, expensive, elegant villas and apartments as well as peaceful beaches that any resident of Jumeirah cannot resist.

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If you love relaxing in the cool evening breeze by the beach or enjoying the cooling effect of the water on hot sunny days, the Jumeirah is the place for you. The monorail connecting Palm Jumeirah to the mainland is very instrumental in keeping the residents connected to the rest of the world. This is very inviting for adventurous residents who have the desire to explore more of Jumeirah. There are a lot of wonderful things for you to discover about Jumeirah if you live in Palm Jumeirah. There is a provision for underground parking and maintenance fee is also paid annually.

The beach residence apartments vary in prices depending on the size and view. The neighborhood has cafes, a cinema, and shops for the convenience of residents. The Beach of Marina is very popular, which makes the residence a no-go zone for people who love a quiet lifestyle but the best for fun lovers. The popularity of the beach is, however, a drawback to the residence due to traffic issues and congestion, especially over the weekends. It has restaurants, cafes and a park for leisure activities; with a breathtaking view of the green city spaces and human-made lakes in the surrounding.

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Jumeirah Lake Towers is more popular because the cost of living is lower as compared to Jumeirah Beach Residence. Besides having very lavish high rise and low rise residential estates, it has several tourist attraction sites which are of benefit to residents in several ways. This makes it an ideal residential area for job seekers in the tourism and hospitality industries as well as visiting tourists who wish to stay for more extended periods in Dubai. Apart from the availability of affordable residential estates and employment opportunities, security is also a key consideration when selecting where to live.

The state of security in Jumeirah is of a high standard, and the coastal residential area is known to be very peaceful and full of fun. On the sector of health, Jumeirah has several high-level hospitals, both private and public that offer high-quality medical services to the residents. For residents with children, Jumeirah is the best place to live in because of the several top schools available.

There are endless activities for any fun-loving family in Jumeirah for all age groups and personality types. It is also very convenient for students to live in since there are many training institutions and colleges as well as affordable hostels for student accommodation which guarantee security and peaceful learning environment. This makes Jumeirah a very suitable place for residents with children in institutions of higher learning and students from all over the United Arab Emirates and abroad.

Another factor that makes Jumeirah the best place to live in is the quality of infrastructure in place for your convenience. Just like every other residential area in Dubai , it has the latest technology applications in the running of day to day activities.

There is sufficient and reliable power supply for your residential use, excellent means of transport that are fast, safe and convenient and also highly effective water and sanitation systems in place. Explore Cyprus. Discover Colombia. Pedal to unfold the undiscovered!

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